Infidelity: The Illicit Affair–Chapter 28

Infid Image


There is a freedom

That threatens to enslave

There is an entrapment

That promises liberty


I know not

Yet of it

But some of the others,

They call it love

That night she dreamt of jumping from buildings and growing wings, of running into dense forests and finding escape, of diving into the ocean and growing fins: that night, she dreamt of freedom. In her dreams there were no rules, she did what she willed, what others would deem inappropriate and risky. She did what she was born to do, be herself; the wild uninhibited animal that every human managed to put away behind society’s laws, she embraced that animal, she embraced herself.

That night he dreamt of falling into an endless pit and finding peace, of being trapped in a mesh net and discovering heaven, of ropes that tied him but then turned into soft petals: that night, he dreamt of imprisonment. In his dreams, he was no longer the self he recognized, he enjoyed the restraints that were placed on him, he revelled in being held so strongly that he could never leave. He found joy in an entrapment that he thought he detested.


They slept facing the Pacific, and the sun rose behind them. Its rays reached their faces and then slowly trickled down their sleeping bodies. Ayana shifted, nestling closer into him to escape the morning chill. Arav grunted, tightening his hold around her to hold in her warmth. A seagull squawked above their heads and swooped down, coming close to the waters to catch its breakfast and then flying back up into its abode. Waves crashed at their feet and the cold water finally awakened him.

Arav instinctively tried to pull his legs away from the freezing ocean, but found that one of his legs was trapped under hers. It had been much the same way some years ago, when he had woken up to her face for the first time. Her body had been sprawled over his, prisoning him beneath its soft touch and today it did the same. Her hair was sprawled over his chest, her face hidden in the crook of his neck, her hand clutching the cotton of his shirt and her leg thrown carelessly over his. There was something about the way that her hand held his shirt; there was a possessiveness and a neediness that he enjoyed. It was as if she was holding him there, as if she would never let him leave, and much like in his dreams—he reveled in the hold.

Another wave hit their legs and it dawned onto him that both of them were soaking wet. They had slept on a tiny peninsula in the midst of the ocean, and the Pacific had been reminding them all night, that they were the trespassers here.

He should wake her up, and they should leave. But he wouldn’t. They would get sick. But he didn’t care. A sniffle or two wouldn’t kill them. And so with those thoughts, he pulled her wet form into his and tried to trap them both for as long as he could.


Ayana woke up because of the heat. Her body burned deliciously with a soothing warmth, the kind that an already warmed blanket gave on a stormy night. She imagined hot tea and pouring rain, a plate of her brother’s famous cutlets and goosebumps on her skin. A smile painted itself on her face before her eyes even opened, and some part of her wished that she could wake up to this feeling every morning, but another part knew that the image in her head was missing something.

When her mind finally floated back in to her body and returned her sense of touch, she felt him. She felt him like she had the first time. Ayana felt the strong body beneath her hold, the tight embrace of his arms and the rough yet soft stubble against her forehead when she raised her head. His eyes were still closed and so she took him to be asleep. Leaning up and resting her forearm on his chest, Ayana stared at his contoured face. An odd shadow cast by the sun darkened a side of his face, and she was reminded of Christopher Nolan’s Batman; a man hidden in the shadow of his own conflictions.

Because he was asleep, and he would never know, Ayana brushed her lips by his jaw. She sinned but no one witnessed. Her lips tingled as they moved across the rough terrain, and she inhaled the scent of the ocean mixed with his. When she had journeyed to and fro, her mouth found the corner of his and she left him a ghost of a kiss, just a fleeting touch.


Arav had shut his eyes the moment she had wiggled restlessly in his arms. He had been hoping that she would fall back asleep and he wouldn’t have to let go so soon. Secretly, he had hoped closer along the lines of what was happening at the moment, but he hadn’t dared even let that hope creep into his consciousness. But now, as her lips touched the corner of his ever so gently, he felt his heart flutter in his chest, his arms moved from around her and his hands crept into her hair without his permission. She sensed the movement and backed away quickly, settling into her previous spot with her head in the crook of his neck—feigning sleep.

He gloated to himself, but then decided to let her think that she had sinned secretly. Arav stretched his arms as if he were just waking up, as if he hadn’t witnessed anything in the last few minutes. Ayana rolled off of him and faked her own awakening.

“Good morning Ay…woah, what happened to your hair,” he pointed to the sort of frizzy, sort of wet hair that fell over half her face and down her shoulders.

“Good morning to you too,” Ayana replied snidely, and moved her fingers through her hair to try to untangle it a bit, but the morning mist didn’t help.

“You’re all wet, here take my coat,” Arav gave her a once over, silently cursing her white dress and handed her his coat.

“Your coat is just as wet Arav,” Ayana shook her head at him, still trying to rectify the mess on her head.

“Yes, but my coat is not white,” he stared pointedly at her chest where the white of the dress no longer served as a cover, and she snatched the coat away from him.

“Can’t believe we slept through the entire night at a beach, I mean did we not feel the water crashing over us,” she struggled to get into the oversized coat, and Arav stepped forward, pulling the lapels to straighten it on her shoulders.

“At least we didn’t drown,” he chuckled, fixed her collar, and brushed away her still wet hair.

“How often do you work out?” Ayana asked while staring at his toned chest, that his own white shirt wasn’t hiding very well anymore.

“Like what you see?” Arav winked, bending down to pick up her heels, as they walked away from the place where they had dreamt such odd things.

“Who wouldn’t?” Ayana shrugged nonchalantly, not wanting to take the conversation any farther. They’d gotten through last night somehow, but she knew that it was not a risk worth taking again. They were still alone, and it would be far too easy to give into the sins that they craved.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m in no mood to bus back from here. I’m going to have a car called over, okay?”

“Yup.” She nodded, but focused more on avoiding eye contact with his stubble; it reminded her of the way it had felt beneath her lips.


“I didn’t see her leaving the party at all, I thought she would’ve gone straight to her hotel,” Joel shook his head and sipped his coffee. He was grumpy to say the least. Waking up at sunrise wasn’t really his type of thing, and dealing with distraught husbands was really not his thing.

“I told her to call me before she went to bed, Ayana would never forget to call,” Rohan paced the room, and Joel wondered if Sunita would wake up with Rohan’s never ending footsteps.

“Maybe she had a bit to drink and forgot. You should calm down and give her a few hours,” Joel rolled his eyes at the overly worried lover.

Rohan moved his hand through his hair, checking his phone for the umpteenth time. He hadn’t been able to sleep all night. After she’d missed twenty calls from him and not responded to his texts, Rohan had grabbed the first flight over and gotten to Los Angeles in the wee hours of the morning. Ironically enough, he’d forgotten to ask what hotel she was staying at when he’d been fretting over her safety on the phone last night, so the only person he could think to contact was Joel. The darned police wouldn’t even let him file a case till she’d been gone twenty four hours. Frustration rippled through him, it seemed as if the entire world had suddenly fallen between him and Ayana.

“What’s going on here?” Sunita, dressed in a silk robe and fur slippers, stepped into the study where the two men were. Her fiancé sat on the couch by the window, his eyes droopy and bored and this other man roamed her hardwood like a lion hunting for prey.

“Oh Sunita darling, I’m so sorry if we woke you up,” Joel rushed to his lover’s side and gave her chaste morning kiss. “This is Rohan, Ayana’s husband,” he gestured to the now-slightly embarrassed Rohan, who had stopped pacing.

“I apologize for disturbing you both like this, but I haven’t been able to get in contact with Ayana since last night and I didn’t know where to look. The last I know of her is that she was at the party at your house,” Rohan spoke in apologetic tone, his head bowed but his neck strained with stress.

“Yes, the last I saw her she was dancing with Ar—my son, and then honestly I drank more than I should’ve,” Sunita snickered, “well feel free to stay here Rohan, I’ll have some breakfast sent for the two of you, and don’t you worry son, I’m sure she’s fine,” Sunita smiled affectionately before pulling out of Joel’s gentle hug and walking away. Joel was getting too clingy, she would have to find someone else.


“Where’s my phone,” Ayana wondered out loud and Arav nudged her into the back seat of the Jaguar.

“Get in the car first, it’s starting to get chilly,” Arav shivered and shut the door after her, walking over to the other side to take his seat. He nodded at the chauffeur who pulled down the privacy screen and drove off, away from the ocean.

“Oh shit, it was in my coat pocket.”

“I think you left the coat back at mom’s house. Do you want to go get it before I drop you off at the hotel?”

She looked to him in surprise for a moment; he was definitely in a hurry to get rid of her. Ayana had assumed that they would go to his house first, but Arav apparently had been planning to drop her off at the hotel. Ayana didn’t appreciate the nasty feeling that brewed in her, Arav was being smart, and so should she.

“Yes, let’s get the coat and then I’ll go to my hotel,” she replied coldly and turned away from him and counted the palm trees as they passed.

Arav had noticed her disappointment at the mention of the hotel, but he couldn’t dwell on it for too long. Regardless of how badly he wanted her writhing in his arms, he of all people, would not corrupt a married woman. He wouldn’t throw a man off the same bridge that his father had fallen off.

And now they decide to be sensible psshhh LOL

Wonder how Rohan will react, what do you guys think?



© 2012 by Marvee Khan. All rights reserved.

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Hello All, I'm going be writing fictions; mostly love stories here. Please remember that all stories are a work of fiction and the characters or incidents do not bear resemblance to any real people or events.

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  1. its awesome……………the way u escribe their dilemma is so real:)

  2. i was waiting for this update for forever. totally enjoyed it, especially the waking up in each other’s arms. dear Lord, why do i get the feeling that rohan is sure to pounce on maan when he sees them walking in together, wet and messy. showdown time :O great update. and all the best in exams.

  3. Classic & little Naughty!!!
    Lo ji apka Side Hero bhi agaya😛

    Geet & Maan … koi inhe aqal do .. Is that place for sleeping but no, they were just living a moment.. Duniya se bekhabaar😉

    Geet finally kiss him beshak it was cute & gentle one… but Maan cherish this one with very smartly… hahaha

    Haw What will Rohan think now??? Good q.s i will get my answer in next one😛
    So nice try to plot next =D

    But I think he will be surprise then start a typical drama scene of unfaithful wife & rohan like feel bechara… & Geet.. what would i say.. ek Anar aur suo bemaar😛

    same like Maan’s father he will jump then Geet Maan ki hui😀😛

    • oye he’s not a side hero, he’s the main guy here. Maan is the third wheel lol

      oh he will cherish it for sure😉

      Hope you enjoy the reaction!!

      And no, I don’t think he’ll be like a typical husband, he’s much better than your typical husband yaar😛

      LOL stop killing poor Rohan!

      • Yuppie.. mene future plot pata laga liya.. YO Oho…
        Its mean u will make this more realistic..
        Rohan agr MAIN hai to Maan I mean 3rd wheel… ye to 3 wheeler Motor Bike ban gai😛

        No.. why should i stop killing.. ye kam to AP karo gi😉

        ONE MORE think i forgot. Maan & Sunita part.. Maan feel like his little child after long time…
        choti choti cheezein kabhi kabhi kitni achi aur mayne rakhti hain na..:)

      • LMAO motor bike with three wheels? One of them will have to fall😉

  4. I don’t know what to say about the update. I just can’t wait to read more!

  5. Marvee you are reallyy making our pulse go high …with anticipation what next i have started biting my nails

  6. If they haven’t given in now, they will one day…😉 jeez Rohan is a little too possessive, in my opinion. Let your wife breathe! Or does he not trust her…
    Am I the only one sensing a change in Maan since Geet’s wedding? The ‘old’ Maan would have seduced her regardless – but this ‘new’ Maan is more reserved about his feelings, almost as if something stronger than desire is settling in his heart…

    • LOL of course they will😉
      Oh come on, he got threatening messages and she wasn’t picking up the phone all night–any caring husband in his right mind would be worried. We’re all just too harsh on him😛
      Oh yeah, there is definitely a change in him, and we can see it but it appears that he can’t–Dramatic irony at its worst!

  7. time for showdown
    all three face to face and two of them look like they were together last night

  8. Nice update. Was waiting for this one since long time.
    Cannot imagine how Rohan is going to react to see geet and maan together. This would be an interesting scene.
    Eagerly waiting for the next one…..

  9. awesome update
    i want to see rohan’s reaction when dey both enter maan’s house together

  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. part 28
    sigh will we ever get to see them together forever?
    cont soon dear……………

    Deepa (spvd)

  12. Beautiful………..

  13. jannatamaaneetparadise

    Ok… First off beautiful update, loved it.
    Hate that love sick husband of hers, damn is anybody that crazy as him… Geet secretly sinning… Love it
    They’re both being mature only for the time being won’t be long till they cross all the barriers… Can that rohan get lost???
    Wonder what will happen next?
    N when will they both realize what they really want?

    One req from me, u did mention u read novels once what I want is can u recommend some to me… I’m sooo bored over the weekends n the only works I read is yours, so please only if u can though…
    Thanks x

    • Thank you Jannat!
      See, here’s the thing babes: in real life, you’d love a man like Rohan, who cares so much about you. He’s not lovesick, she got threatening messages and he was just concerned about her safety. In real life, we’d hate a man like Maan who is so unsure about everything, who doesn’t even know if he has any feelings for us.

      But this is a story and we always love the bad guy LOL, so I understand where you’re coming from.

      Yes! I can give you a whole bunch of novels to read. Let me know what genre and I’ll give you some.

      You can email me at and I’ll send you a list:)

  14. ihate this Rohan yaar ..seriously!
    ab aayega maza… ki geet tune ghalat insan se shaadi ki!

  15. Lovely update.

  16. lovely part…………hmmmm rohan is here…… planning for a MU????

  17. Amazing update….yeah now they talk sense…hehehhe…Rohan will surely get a shock of his life. God save him..LOL
    continue soon

  18. Hi dear Marvee,
    sorry dear got busy with some personal things couldnt read ur updates
    but the good part is got two updates together.

    loved the introductory poem
    what a wonderful defintion of love dear

    lovely dreams in such a lovely place
    and yes sometimes we feel if there were no rules , no rights and wrongs then it would be so wonderful
    but on second thought if all of us decide to do whatever we want to do , people may make life difficult for others

    loved maan and geet’s second morning together
    and their desires, and their fake sleep and fake awakening

    u know u should write a book how to look busy
    in the last two updates u have given two brilliant ideas
    first is reading the read mails
    and now counting the palm trees
    ( though for this one u have to work hard lol )

    loved the last para where maan despite his longings for geet did not want someone else face the same situation as his father.
    so maan has overpowered his demons
    great job dear maan

    now it will be really interesting to see rohan’s reaction


    • Hey U,

      No worries, I hope everything worked out okay for you:)

      You’re right, the rules that we’ve made are for the greater good, but sometimes they end up hurting us individually.

      Real desires yet they fake so much–how ironic eh😛

      haha the thing is, I’m too busy to write a book about being busy lol!

      Maan is definitely going to be put into a tight corner, he’s going to have to fight the demons of his past in order to rightfully get what is his in the present.

      Love you loads❤

  19. oh..ho.. they have too much self control😀

  20. hhehehehehehe self control…..

    control maan control….hehehehehehe now rohan wud get furious i think…..

  21. AHHH!!!

    Maan has always reminded me! of batman, in the show, and all of your FF’s too
    Hmm….rohan is smart, maybe i’ll figure everything out….but a little drama before that please … 😉 ….lol

  22. AHHH!!!

    Maan has always reminded me! of batman, in the show, and all of your FF’s too
    Hmm….rohan is smart, maybe i’ll figure everything out….but a little drama before that

    please … 😉 ….lol

    • LOL, this is actually the first time I’ve thought of him as batman but now that you mention it…he is very superhero-ish in every story.
      Oooh, I’ll give you all the drama you want babes😉

  23. hi Marvee..marvelous beautiful update! Superbly written! Loved da poem! Maan n Geet awaken n Maan remembers ! Both had a peaceful sleep! Rohan @ sunita’s worried abt Geet ! Joel irriatated! Geet disappointed wen Maan says he will drop pff @ the hotel! Maan notices bt controls! Thinks of wat happened wid his dad n doesn’t want the same 4 Rohan! so Maaneet gng to sunita’s n Rohan is der! wat will happen nw! update soon:)

  24. love the poem in the beginning

    it was a really nice update, they both forget everything for a night and enjoyed each others presence.

  25. what will b rohans reaction….hw mch he will trust geet….

  26. awsem update

  27. Qiratulain Khan

    Oooooh I want someone to hold me like that. I want to be in that position (maybe with Beckham :-P)
    And I want him to look at me while im sleeping too – although not in a stalkerish way!!

    Awwww she kissed him and he didn’t mock her or anything. He let her be!!!

    You’re making me fall in love with another fictional character!!!!!

    Ok seriously Rohan is acting stupid. Yeah that’s all Im saying about him.

    Maan’s mom sounds funny:-)

    Haayyyeeee!! Geet wants to be with Maan but I totally understand Maan’s situation. He cant be like his mom.

    Oooooh i cant wait to read the next update…..oh wait thats what Ill go do now😛

  28. Marvee, sigh, what a sinfully delicious update….

  29. Lovely part…
    I was expecting something else all the while and update ended with little annoyance bet them…me so sad for this….
    Rahul is worried for her and came to joel’s house and now maan & geet are coming there only…omg they all three will be face to face
    Now what….anxious…!!!

  30. our dear smart geet……………they admire each other so much ….maan accept it you are in love ….geet still can not becuase she assumes she loves rohan but maan ……wow that was so romantic falling sleep on beach …..they never want to leave each other’s arm …..rohan stop being overprotective !!!!!!!!!

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